Monday, April 16, 2012

The Race Course

Here is a look at the race course. I did two laps, so we are looking at approximately 7.5 miles per lap. Also please note on my second lap we climbed up towards Williams hill which is not in the race. I think everyone will be happy about that.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

NoTubes Race Gold 29er Wheelset Review

Great Product from a Great Sponsor

NoTubes Race Gold 29er Wheelset Review by Jason Matthews - Cat 1 Rider and TBR Member for 4 years.

Style Factor and Weight Comparison

Right out of the box the all black wheelset gets a solid 9/10 for looks. NoTubes should have sprung for the Gold Alloy Nipples just to complete the package however, the black Revo Spokes and the black rims with race gold stickers look pretty good to me. Oh yea it comes with titanium skewers adorned with carbon levers. However being the weight considerate guy that I am, I replaced the end caps of the skewers with lighters caps I had laying around.

These wheels definitely score a 10/10 for weight or should I say weightlessness!!! I think the name itself "Race Gold" is pretty cool as this wheelset has indeed set the gold standard for lightweight aluminum 29er wheels. How light you may ask, well how about 1345 grams or 2lb and 15.44 oz for the set vs a standard Crest 29er wheelset at 1575 grams or 3lb and 7.55 oz.

Ok, that is total wheelset weight but what about the weight of the rim? This set has your covered with the rims coming in at a scant 320 grams vs. the crest at 380. That is a distinct advantage in racing - just saying. FYI - you can only purchase the entire wheelset, rims only is not available.

The Ride and Durability

Before jumping into this topic, you should know I am running Maxxis Aspens on the set. I figure what is the point of having a such a lightweight wheelset and running bulky tires, so I mounted (same effort as any other notubes rim) up my 2.1 Aspens from last year that weight in at about 530 grams each with a decent amount of sealant. BTW these tires are my absolute favorite(supple casing, round profile with outside offset lugs) but, the jury is still out as to how durable the sidewalls will be (Think multiple rides at french creek). My bike is an original Air 9 frame, manitou minuite fork, 1x9 drive train (32x34) with xtr,xt mix, carbon, ti bolts and other secret goodies.

With 6 rides on the wheels, including French Creek......

Acceleration and Climbing with these wheels makes your bike feel like it should. I can't think of any other way to put it, the wheels come up to speed and spin easier and faster than any other wheels (26 or 29er) than I have ridden. The hub engagement is very solid and with no problems getting engagement when needed - say on the half pedal strokes when in a rock garden.

Durability, so far has been top notch, these wheels have not complained one bit and are still true and good to go. If any of you know how I ride, I am definitely not the most skillful when it comes to getting over logs and rocks with smoothness. So the fact that these wheels have not had any issues to note says they may be stronger than I was expecting. Honestly I was planning on having to throw these on the truing stand one a month........only time will tell.

Wheel Statistics

Max recommended rider weight170lbs (FYI - I weigh in at 161)
RimsZTR 29er Race Gold BSTTM Disc
Rim Material6061 Alloy
Rim Depth15.6mm
Rim Width External24.2mm
Rim Width Internal21.3mm
Front HubStan's 3.30 Ti
Rear HubStan's 3.30Ti
Hub BearingsStainless Cartridge
Spokes1.8/1.5 DT Revolution Black
Spoke NipplesSilver Alloy
Front Spoke Lacing32H, 2 Cross
Rear Spoke Lacing32H, 3 Cross ND Side, 2 Cross D Side
Spoke Length Front (L/R)283mm/288mm
Spoke Length Rear (L/R)293mm/283mm