Friday, April 15, 2011

Pre-Intergallactic Interplanetary Anti-Matter, blah, blah, blah...(Marysville Relay) Conversation

My Buddy (excited) - Do you want to race Marysville this year?

Me (confused) - huh?

My Buddy (confused at my confusion) - Do you want to race Marysville this year?

Me (still not understanding) - I don't understand the question.

My Buddy (dumbfounded and getting a little exasperated) - Do. You. Want. To. Race. Marysville. This. Year...

Me (unflinchingly) - You can't "race" Marysville.

My Buddy (bewildered) - huh?

Me (nonchalantly) - In order to be considered a "race" the possibility of winning, no matter how unfathomably improbable, must at the very least be a remote possibility.

My Buddy (wide eyed in disbelief) - ...

Me (not affected) - A one-legged, custom-wearing, midget riding a tricycle has a better chance of winning Marysville then you and I and whatever team we pull together.

My Buddy (rolling his eyes) - ...

Me (continuing) - Unless we pull together a team of 12-year olds, or a team of pros, the ranks of which neither of us belong to, we have no chance whatsoever of even finishing in the top ten.

My Buddy (with renewed hope) - Yeah but I was thinking we could dress up as the gang from Speed Racer.

Me (flatly) - There was a "gang" in Speed Racer?

My Buddy (his excitement returning) - Yeah, you know, Speed, Trixie, and the monkey and that little boy that hang out in Speed's trunk.

Me (annoyed) - ...

My Buddy (unaffected by my lack of enthusiasm) - Come on it will be fun.

Me (now in disbelief) - Fun?

My Buddy (in opposition) - Yeah, fun, you remember fun? A light feeling of joviality precipitated by an activity that one finds enjoyable.

Me (incredulously) - U-huh, So you want me to dress up like a racecar driving twelve year old complete with red bandana and white bell bottoms and ride around the farm in the mud for "fun." What is this Halloween?

My Buddy (trying to be persuasive) - No, its for fun.

Me (flatly) - oh...

My Buddy (hopefully) - So?

Me - No thanks.

- end -

We did go to Marysville and "race" although we didn't wear costumes. Marysville is always a good time that even though I may not look forward to it each year, I always begrudgingly admit in the end that it is fun.


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