Monday, December 29, 2008

Holiday Break Ride Report

Nearly Half Century with K-town and Campbell

The Saturday following Christmas (and the awesome Fair Hill ride) was marked by more rain, lots and lots of rain. So we opted to eat instead of ride. Sunday the temperature reached a record high of 62 degrees. 62 degrees!?! Winter in PA this year was held in November. I blinked and missed it. Needless to say (I would hope anyway) all of the local trails were off limits. The trails were way too soft to ride, and besides I'd rather not dedicate the afternoon following the ride to cleaning both my and K-town's bikes. Just like my oven allergy, K-town suffers from a hose allergy.

So, after church *gasp* (Yes, K-town and I still attend church on a regular basis) K-town, Campbell, and I left our house on our road bikes, rode through Coatesville *gasp* (Yes, we ride through Coatesville its only 4-5 miles or so and some of the most beautiful roads in Chester County are located just south of Coatesville. Don't worry there were only 4 or 5 shootings that day.), and headed south through Unionville, East and West Marlboro Townships, Lenape, (not in that order) and back. We logged ~46 miles total which was awesome since K-town's longest previous road ride was ~30 miles, Campbell hasn't ridden in like three weeks, we Jerry-rigged K-town's road bike together 10 minutes before riding, and it looked on the verge of raining all day. All considered it was a great ride that I'm still feeling today despite the mild pace.

I think I started to fatigue before both K-town and Campbell. I was so hungry that by mile 35 my plum color Bontrager bar tape was starting to look quite appetizing. Maybe the pace wasn't as mild as I thought.

During my next little block of holiday break it looks like the ground may be frozen for one whole morning. Yippee!


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