Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Welcome Back!

Tacos Anyone?

This was the Welcome back ride. Exactly 1 month and 1 day since I last clipped in… First ride of the New Year! Welcome back Todd. Welcome back Camdiddy from what I can only imagine was the most moving trip ever. Welcome back to White Clay… a little slice of heaven just south of home. Huge group. From the team – Patton, Ronaldo, K-town, C-bell, Keeb, DocC and camdiddy to name a few… some Guy’s were there as well as some awesome locals that led the way. From what I hear it was a 3 hour tour…
while the groups ride over all was nothing like the most famous 3 hour tour of all,

mine had a similar result.

Not sure exactly how it all happened. These wheels have seen some of the toughest, rockiest, rootiest singletrack around a la French Creek, yet just 30 minutes into the ride on the most pristine singletrack known to man, I blew a tire off the rim, taco’d my wheel, and snapped the body of my break lever. It was a very nice walk back to the car, I must admit.

Welcome back. Here’s looking forward to a great season!

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