Tuesday, February 3, 2009

5-Minute Recap of the Last Two Weeks

Ready, set, go...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009 some members of Team LoweRiders (TLR) met some members of Cradles to Canes at Marsh Creek for that rare unicorn of winter night rides, the snow ride.  Conditions were pretty much perfect, and even better when I realized that lower tire pressure may make turning and climbing much easier and therefore much more fun.  Great fun was had by all.  Pizza, wings, and beer at Foster Boys after.

The following weekend Campbell, K-town, and me rode Fair Hill and White Clay.  We met JMatt, BShow, one of his college buddies, and couple of his friends for a 3-plus-hour tour of Fair Hill on Saturday.  And unlike that most famous 3-hour tour we didn't get lost...almost.  We have finally learned a decent loop at Fair Hill that is long and includes most of the good trails that Fair Hill has to offer.  And it only took us a year to learn it.

Sunday, Campbell, K-town, and me went to White Clay and rode almost every trail that the park has to offer.  We now know this place inside out...pretty much.  

Trainer, trainer, trainer...

The following Wednesday it rained/iced/sleeted like three inches of bullet proof crap which just recently melted...for the most part.  

Trainer, trainer, trainer, treadmill (WTF!)...

Its now Tuesday February 3, 2009 and is currently snowing on top of the bullet proof crap that didn't melt over the weekend.

Trainer, trainer, trainer, treadmill, Spring...


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