Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Iron Hill Race Report

Team LoweRiders (TLR) had another good showing at MASS Race "No. 4" (Its actually No. 3 as French Creek was postponed) Iron Hill on May 31, 2009. Fielding 25 racers and several podium finishes, (TLR) continues its unofficial quest for the Cannondale Team Cup overall victory for large teams. The weather mystics were calling for perfect weather all weekend, and so, to no one's surprise it poured rain for an hour and a half directly before the Beginner/Enduro start. The trails were ridden dry throughout the day and by the time the Elite/Expert riders were let loose they were more or less dry.

Bottom line, we tore it up. Results from the race are as follows:

Podium Finishes:

Steven Havrilla - First Place, Beginner Senior II Men
Michael Campbell - Second Place, Sport Senior II Men
John Plewa - First Place, Sport Veteran II Men
Linda Mattioni - First Place, Sport Women I
Douglas Morrel - First Place, Sport Singlespeed
Ron Harding - First Place, Expert Singlespeed
Adam Joelssen - Third Place, Expert Singlespeed
Kathleen Harding - Second Place, Elite Women
Bill Showers - Third Place, Enduro Men


Daniel Stein - Fifth Place, Sport Juni0r
Mike Patton - Eigth Place, Sport Senior II Men
Neil Young - Eleventh Place, Sport Senior II Men
Danny Deao - Fourteenth Place, Sport Veteran I Men
Steven Collina - Fifth Place, Sport Veteran II Men
Kevin Mertz - Eleventh Place, Sport Master I Men
Travis Cordoza - Fifth Place, Sport Singlespeed
Bud Mauger - Seventh Place, Sport Singlespeed
Gary Whitemer - Fourth Place, Sport Clydesdale
Jason Grant - Eigth Place, Sport Clydesdale
Jason Vliet - Fourteenth Place, Sport Clydesdale
Jason Matthews - Sixteenth Place, Expert Senior Men
Nicholas Cappriotti - Tenth Place, Expert Singlespeed
John Engle - Twelth Place, Enduro Men
Daniel Joelsson - Nineteenth Place, Enduro Men

Those that DNF'd:

Larry Distefano

Pictures of the race can be found here:



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