Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tweet You, network security.

Twitter, the cool thing to do.
Apparently, twitter is all the rage these days. I hear about it on the radio and the news all the time. All these celebs and cool people are tweeting this and tweeting that. They tweet from their movie sets, they tweet from their cars, They tweet their 911 calls, they even tweet about the deuce they just dropped. Whatever, the bottom line is that everybody's tweeting. Until now, I just havent felt the urge to visit the twitter website let alone actually tweet for myself...

A Daily Routine
Each morning, I rise at 6am, I commute to the office the same way through central Philadelphia. Once in the office around 7:00, I grab a cup of coffee and settle in at my desk. As I sip my coffee, I enjoy searching for updates to various web pages and blogs that I follow in a specific order - the same order each morning. One of the websites that I enjoy most is Fatty's blog. Basically, I enjoy (abuse) unlimited access to the world wide web. Once about 4 years ago, I accidentally tested those limits by clicking on a link to a porn site. That site was denied, and until this morning My access was literally unrestrained.

At the bottom of Fatty's recent blog post, he linked to Lance Armstrong's Twitter page. For some reason, despite all the other celebrity hulabaloo about Twitter, because of Fatty's comment, today was the day that I would deviate from my routine and check to see what its all about. Or not. See, apparently, Twitter is a really bad place - or at least my network security thinks so. This morning, I fired out a nice big red flag to my network police, that I, wshowers, have hereby been procrastinating at work by attempting to access the vile social networking site that is Twitter. Ordinarily, I wouldn't think it strange that a stuffy, ultra conservative, international Pharma company would block out such a site. This is not ordinary, however. As I said, I've got basically free riegn over the entire internet, with only two exceptions. Porn and Twitter.

I have to wonder why Twitter is grouped in with Porn? I have access to facebook, myspace, craigslist, every message board I could ever want, chat rooms, blog sites, etc, etc. Bot not Twitter! Twitter is a devious social networking site!

Is it really that bad? Maybe I'm missing out? Maybe I need to be a twit. My curiousity level is now spiking through the roof. I have an insatiable urge to access the forbidden fruit of Twitter.

Twitter must be very evil indeed, and I must have access. Right Now.

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