Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Convenience of Selling Online

I'll admit it. I have a problem with buying things online. Specifically, I buy second hand stuff from people on Craigslist. I've scored some seriously good deals in the past couple years and as a result, I compuslively check CL for more deals on stuff that I must have.

Giving Back

Recently, I decided to offer some of my crap to the Craigslist community. I decided that was time to give somebody else the opportunity to score a deal. I'd allow someone to have the joys of finding a great deal on something that they must have. I'd simultaneously be cleaning out my garage of useless crap while putting cash directly into my pocket. Its really a win, win situation, and Its seemingly a fool proof plan. Well... that was my plan.

Easy money

I listed two items recently, and just minutes after my ad went live, I had my first set of replies. Score! This stuff is gonna sell like hot cakes. The emails received were from foreign countries attempting to purchase my items... odd. The emails are so generic and vague, that its almost as if they're prefabricated and dont even apply to my item... odd, again. Seriously, after reading the first line or two, I realized that its a total scam attempt. The thing is, I just dont understand how these scams are ever allowed to come to fruition. They are so blatant, that I can't wrap my head around it. Are people really so trusting that they would mail an item to somebody with a mere promise of payment? Its like Wimpy making a promise to Popeye... "I'll gladly pay you Tuesday..." They're so absurd, that I just can't see how anybody, ever, could fall for them. Yet they must work, because I'm two for two with my listings... two items listed, two scammer's firing out repeated messages from foreign countries.

The best of the two was in response to my King Headset advertisement. A woman from France is willing to have her secretary mail me a certified check, then send her "movers" to pick up the item. She wanted to be "surprised to have it in her house upon her return to the country", which is why she needed a mover to pick up a bicycle headset. I sent her a message to set up the logistics of my sale, but unfortunately I haven't heard from her since. If anybody happens to know Jenny Gold, from France, please have her look me up. :-P

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