Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Granogue Weekend

Saturday 01-May. Today I went to the Granogue charity Pre-Ride with Ron, Kat and Campbell. I showed up a minute late for my guided tour of the estate, but not to worry, I caught up quickly. Riding out there was fun. The trails were in the best condition that I ever remember, which is to say that they beat you up slightly less than usual. Even at a leisurely pace, they take a toll.

New this year is the TT. A short Time Trial on the trails? Of course I'm gonna do that... thats what I do best. Short, hard efforts. Marc used the first half of the course as the time trial loop, so its about 3.5 miles or so. This is the fun section for sure, whereas the other half is the hard, definitely more painful side. Good call on the TT course. Anyway, I caught a few people out there and rolled away with some swag and a fancy plaque for taking the win. Good stuff and I hope they keep it going next year.

Sunday 02-May. The main event. I show up to the venue, and man is it hot outside. And humid. And did I mention that it was hot?

After the warmup, and like an idiot, I take my sweet ass time getting to the start line. I'm rewarded for my lackadaisical attitude with a sweet second to last row start position. I think I was behind the dude on the Pugsley. Meanwhile, team Turd Cannon shows up late again and forces their way into a start position that doesnt exist. Assholes.

Marc sounds off the start, and we go. I'm spinning like up the road like an idiot on my singlespeed. Oddly, I find myself passing people on the road. Wierd. There's some confusion up front, which is funny because there are barriers, cones and caution tape funnelling you into the same start that this course has had for the past five years. I totally understand the confusion. I take the first turn wide into the woods... Guess who tries to force his way past me in the first 20 yards of trail? One of the twins. He's trying to force a line that isnt there, so he yelled at me. I graciously declared that I was racing too, and politley called him an asshole.

The first lap went well, I was riding smoothly and in good position hovering around 6-9th place. Once that first lap started wrapping up though, I could tell that I was coming unglued. It was a downward spiral from there, culminating in a 3rd lap that was 5+ minutes slower than my opener and a 13th place finish overall. And that's all I have to say about that.

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