Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mmmm Racing

So I've done a some racing since the first MASS race at Fair Hill. Let's see, There was Danville, There was Granogue, and there was French Creek. I guess I'll go in order...

Tour De Tykes
April 17, 2010 - Danville, PA. Historically, this race is later in the season. This year, they made a good move and bumped it up in the season. Not only did this mitigate the 150° temperature issues of years past, it also helped drive numbers to what I'm certain is the largest showing to date. Good stuff.

This year, it was downright cold on April 17. It was cold and I simply was not prepared - at all. I had zero cold weather riding gear. I warmed up by sitting in my sleeping bag, in the fetal postion. Then finally I emerged to spin on the bike - in jeans and my puffy North Face jacket. Very cosmopolitan.

I took my start position in the second row, with Ron somehow lined up well be hind me. The starter calls out "One Minute!" And here comes one of the Alesio twins. He forces his way onto the start line directly in front of me. Grr. I'm a reasonable guy, but if you're gonna show up to the start of your race within a minute of the gun, don't force your way into the front row. Tenout ten seconds later, the other Alesio twin forces his way into the same position... I think these clowns are stuck together at the hip. I hear guys yelling at them from behind me and I'm annoyed because I can see exactly how this will unfold.

Countdown begins... and its on. Just as I suspected Alesio #2 trys to cut me off. Luckily, I got a good hard crank off the line and closed his non-existent gap and pushed him off as he leaned into me. He called me an asshole, I assume because I didnt let him cut me off. Ill take that as a compliment to my start. Thanks!

The first half, I just chilled. Theres a ton of climbing here, and even with my chill pace, I felt like the 32:19 was the wrong gear. I wanted a 20t cog. Or a granny gear. Quads burning, I pushed through. Coming across the bridge into the second half, I was feeling pretty good. Immediately I came up on Alesio #2 like he was standing still. As I pass, I think: "that sucks, you can't get a good start And you're blowing up." I start picking off others as the race progresses. At the bottom of a long downhill, I look up the longest climb of the day and see Ron and Yozell battling. Ron looked and saw me... I knew he'd dig deep on the climb. He dropped Yozell and was gone. I caught Mike up top in the flats and we rolled down the hill together. He graciously let me pass as the trail turned skyward. I would catch glimpses of Ron every once in a while on these twisty trails, but I just couldnt bring him back. Hiking up the power lines, I just didnt have it in me to run. I ripp the final descent to finish sixth place, ten seconds back from Ron in fifth. I was definitely happy to feel good out there and stoked about taking home some cash. After the race I heard that Alesio #2 dropped out of the race just after I passed him citing something stupid about the weather not being hot enough. yeah. that's valid.

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