Friday, March 11, 2011

Just Around the Corner: The 2011 Racing Season

This weekend is officially mid March 2011. To many of us 'mericans, it means that in just a few short days we all turn into whiskey swilling "Irishmen," complete with slurred accents and T-shirts that direct us to kiss each other. Ironically however, In Ireland it's pretty much just another rainy day.

For those of us at TBR (along with the rest of the competetive cyclists in the region) it means that the Start of the 2011 racing season and the Mid Atlantic Super Series are just around the corner. The other day, I planned out my race calendar. I'd be lying if I said that I'm not excited to start racin' again. With the months of foul weather and trail conditions, a few recent tastes of dirt have me raring to go. Clearing the cobwebs out will be tough at the MASS Team Relay and Baker's Dozen, but it sure will be a fun way to kick off the season.

Pre-season bonus points to whoever can tell me which TBR member is shown here, "clearing the cobwebs" in 2006:

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