Monday, March 28, 2011

Which One of These Things is Not Like the Other?

Why is it so much more fun to ride one bike than another? Both weekend rides brought Kim and I to French Creek. Same trails, two different bikes; and two completely different outcomes.

Saturday, Kim dabbled on a borrowed full suspension rig, while I played on my "race bike". In retrospect, the Ellsworth may not have been the best choice of steeds - but let's be honest, with access to a really nice bike to tool around on, how could you not partake? Well, the dually was all out sketchy and Kim's ride suffered dearly. While Kim was battling with the Truth, I had my own demon to slay. This demon has been harrassing me for a while now: My "race bike" doesn't feel especially racy, especially fast, or especially fun. It's been a thorn in my side and I just can't figure out where in Hell it comes from.

A couple years ago, I started riding a rigid steel singlespeed - all the time - and loved it. A couple months ago, I set up that rigid singlespeed as a 1x9 looking for a little extra push for the upcoming race season. The bike worked flawlessy, but something was missing. A couple weeks ago, I put an F29 on the bike thinking, I better get this figured out before race season. That was no good... the bike just seemed to flatline after that.

Sunday morning, Kim was obviously much more at home on her race bike, while I found myself having a blast on my rigid SS. Yesterday, I had a bit of a revelation. I felt great, my lines were clean and I was having *gasp* fun. It seems that I've found what the other bike is missing: soul.
So much for keeping up with the peleton at those wide open XC start lines this season.

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