Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tarmac, Metal and Gravel: Lunch Time Explorations Gone Awry

Last week I ventured out for my first lunch time road ride from the new office. I came up with a loop from the confines of my cubicle with a little help from the people whom are methodically taking over the world. I need to keep the loop under an hour, so I looked for the nearest climbs to make it as worthwhile as possible. My first loop at about 18 miles, came up a little short but it had some promising roads and some decent climbs.

I went out again today with intent to get the loop dialed only to find myself exploring disappointment. A single lane, open grate bridge at the bottom of a screamin' descent is enough to sketch me out of that road. A long un-road-bike-able gravel climb is enough to exclude another.

Oh well... I'll get it figured out in the next couple of rides. Nevertheless, its a great day to get on the bike so what are you waiting for?

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